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TYSKA"I had a little bit of lingering effects yesterday, just soreness from the fall and all that," Curry said. "But nothing really long term I have to worry about." Curry practiced and will play with a sleeve on his right arm. It, along with much of the right side of his
Cheap jerseys body, was bruised from the impact. "I shot pretty well with it right now, so hopefully that will continue tonight," Curry said of wearing the sleeve. "I don’t wear them ever, so it takes a little bit of getting used to." Curry said the bruising isn’t anything he’s not used to. "This is something you deal with throughout your career," Curry said. "You run into a screen, you’re going to get hit. You might take a charge or something and get bruised up, but I can deal with that."With the physical issues seemingly behind him, Curry and his teammates are focused on the Rockets and
Cheap jerseys the chance to close out the series at home. "It would be nice to celebrate with our

Where Diamonds Come From There are currently two methods of mining diamonds: Alluvial Mining and Pipe Mining. The Alluvial mining method is done on beaches and in riverbeds. When using this method, the water and sand on the bank are held back with man made walls, or a bulldozer is used to move the beach until the level of earth containing diamonds is reached. The diamonds are not sorted right there, instead the sand that has the diamonds in it is loaded into trucks and taken to screening plants. With pipe mining, the diamonds are extracted from the earth through volcanic pipes. These pipes are natural not man made. Shanks are put in the ground next to these pipes, and then tunnels are driven into the deepest parts of the pipe. Using this method, gigantic rocks that are full of diamonds are taken out of the mine and then moved to screening plants for sorting. There are many diamond mines in operation around the world. Some of the major ones include: The worlds largest diamond mine is Orapa

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