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commercial business, meaning individually sold health plans or group plans that employers offer to workers. Gupte said cheap debt means that an acquisition of Humana or Cigna would provide Aetna with meaningful growth. Rice wrote in a note to investors that Aetna "expressed confidence that its balance sheet is strong enough to pursue any attractive consolidation opportunity that arises." Rice

wrote that Cigna has "consolidation potential." "In our view, Humana and Centene currently incorporate some takeover expectations that may or may not be realized this year," Rice wrote. Both Humana Inc. and Centene have operations in other states. Humana is basedcanada goose Freestyle Vest in Louisville, Ky., and Centene in St. Louis, Mo. Thousands Of CT Jobs An Aetna merger with a company the size of Cigna or Humana would catapult Aetna in the marketplace from a distant third place to a position much closer to the largest two health insurers, UnitedHealthcare and Anthem, respectively. A health

statement . in every goal, every strategy and every project of their business. It is the life force and the reason for everything they do. Do you have a compelling mission statement for your business? Do you communicate it both in words and actions to every client, every prospect, every employee? If you asked any one of these stakeholders what is your mission, would they know what to say? Post and read your mission statementcanada goose Heli-Arctic Parka mænd daily. Include it in all your collateral materials.
Wholesale jerseys Live and breathe your mission statement in every goal, decision and
Wholesale jerseys from China action. This one principle will make your business a compelling magnet for greater and greater levels of success. ALWAYS ASK THE MILLION $$ QUESTION: "Where is the opportunity in this situation?" Within every business challenge, there is an extraordinary opportunity for a HUGE breakthrough. Even with the most difficult challenges, outrageously successful enterprises never see challenges. They ONLY see opportunities. They constantly ask: "Where

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