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Entente truly cordiale for Bling

LONDON The French and the English once settled their bloody differences on the battlefield. That evolved into a love hate relationship based on mutual mistrust with the French mocking "les rosbifs" and the English lampooning "the frogs".

But now, with interdependence reigning supreme in an ever shrinking global
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Celebrity obsessed British tabloids are bound to have a field day covering the woman who counts pop icons Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton among her former lovers.

Sarkozy, nicknamed "President Bling Bling" for his flashy life style, could not be more different from Blair’s successor Gordon Brown, the austere son of a preacher who would not be seen dead in Sarkozy style ray ban sunglasses and Rolex watch.

But the odd couple look set to develop a businesslike working relationship that mirrors what binds and not what divides Britain and France.

Everywhere you look, the economies overlap.

"Obviously as a Frenchman working in England, it’s very important to me that cross channel relations remain so good and I must admit that I’ve always enjoyed the warmth that people in this country have shown me," Wenger has said.

French chef Raymond Blanc, who has carved out a successful career in Britain, acknowledges: "We take ourselves very seriously. I have learned
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French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has a British wife she is from Wales. British fashion designers prosper on Paris catwalks.

Up to 500,000 British have homes in France. Several hundred of them, their roots firmly in French soil, stood as candidates in France’s recent local elections.

France is Britain’s third biggest trading partner and supplies electricity to five million
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Thanks to the Channel Tunnel, London and Paris are just a high speed train ride away on the Eurostar. Even the British have moved the final destination station it used to be Waterloo, named after Napoleon’s final defeat in 1815.

The British and French have fought alongside each other in two world wars since the Entente Cordiale treaty was signed in 1904 to quell colonial rivalries stretching from Morocco to Newfoundland.

It has had to sail through some stormy seas.

But cordiale is no longer a hollow adjective and perhaps the last word should go to British comedian Tony Hawks after he bought and renovated a house in the French Pyrenees.

"I have a theory that we get on terribly well," he said. "The sense of humor is
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